Daily Trade Machine

Daily Trade Machine was created for those who want to take it to the next level.

DTM provides daily trading levels across a handful of the most liquid and active markets each morning so traders know EXACTLY, in advance, what prices they need to be looking at in order to capitalize off of key institutional-based footprints…

Imagine positioning yourself each morning knowing where prices will have a +90% reaction or turning point, so you can trade in the direction of the world’s largest big money players.

Your access includes:

  • ‘PROFIT PICK DAILY’ Trade of Day (via email + SMS text)

  • Daily Trade Machine Key Levels

  • Understanding DTM Levels Quickstart

  • Trading the Levels Quickstart

  • Timing Trade Entries Guide

  • Liquidity Hunter Indicator (thinkorswim, tradestation, ninjatrader8, tradingview, metatrader4, WealthCharts)

Elite Insider

Want to learn how to leverage INSIDER TRADING ACTIVITY to potentially beat the market?

Look no further than ELITE INSIDER (EI)….a complete ‘all in one’ software dashboard and scanner that tracks the political, corporate, and hedge fund insider trading activity. 

EI includes cluster buying, largest trade and most active trade scanners, interactive charting+data suite and our Insider Portfolio Alerts (IPA). It’s time to bridge the gap from main street to Wall Street by following smart money insiders…see you on the ‘INSIDE.’

Trend Insider

Our proprietary Trend Insider (‘TI’) software uses cutting edge A.I. data and technology to transform the way traders and investors around the globe find the hottest markets set to make a move. 

By utilizing algorithmic data sets, our screener and seasonality data can locate stocks, ETFs, indices, futures, and currencies that have the highest probability of following a predictive forecast model – all with 2 clicks of a button.


COT Insider is your key to unlocking the mystery of the Commitment of Traders report and following the smart money.  Our proprietary dashboard and charting suite aggregates position and reporting data every week from the CFTC and immediately lets you know how the ‘big boys’ and commercials are positioned in the market.

Our unique tracking system gives you all of the data, charting and seasonality information needed to follow the smart money in the world’s largest index, commodity, & currency markets.


This ‘paint-by-numbers’ system is a truly mechanical masterpiece and used by thousand of members to trade all markets and timeframes. A price action strategy that has been coded to help you automate your process to save time so you can find more tradable opportunities.

Many traders think that ‘complex’ is better… DO NOT let the simplicity of this bread-and-butter system fool you.
Indicator auto-plots entry, target and risk levels.

Your access includes:

  • 3S CODE Indicator+Scanner Suite

    (thinkorswim, tradestation, ninjatrader8, tradingview, metatrader4, wealthcharts, metastock) *note: scanner not available for TradingView

  • Weekly Hi-Lo Swing Trade Ideas via Private Telegram Access

  • Day and Swing Trading Blueprints

  • Chart Pattern Principles Trading Course

  • Options Strategy Guide

  • All markets, all timeframes and more!


Follow the footprints of the world’s LARGEST traders…banks and financial institutions, hedge funds, pension funds, central banks, and market makers.

You will NEVER look at the market the same again!
Every day there are clues left in the market….you just need to know how and where to look and this exactly what you will discover with UTT… see you on the inside!

Your access includes:

  • Titan Level Premium Alerts

  • Private Telegram and SMS Text

  • Ultimate Titan Trader Playbook

  • Titan Levels Indicator+Scanner Suite

    (thinkorswim, tradestation, ninjatrader8, tradingview, metatrader4, metastock, wealthcharts) *note: no scanner for TradingView, MetaStock

  • Titan Masterclass On Demand

  • Titan Quickstart Guides

  • All markets, all timeframes and more!


Markets go up, oscillators go down… markets go down, oscillators go up.

We love this scenario because it creates a high-probability phenomenon known as ‘divergence.’
Finding these obscure patterns can be time-consuming and difficult but this is no longer the case with DD PRO.

This indicator gives ‘TPI’ divergence buy/sell signals and is executed based on the TPI methodology taught inside the members area.

Your access includes:

  • Turning Point Identifier (TPI) Indicator

    (thinkorswim, tradestation, ninjatrader8, tradingview, metatrader4, wealthcharts)

  • DD PRO Scanner

  • Price Action Pro MasterClass On-Demand

  • Private Telegram Access

  • Member Scan Sessions

  • DD Pro Quickstart Guides

  • All markets, all timeframes and more!


The CORE portfolio consists of the SST Pro flagship alert service coupled with the smartMarket Scanner bundle.

You will get a minimum of 10+ trade ideas each week across equity and commodity markets, each having +80-100% success rate.

To further expedite your learning, you will get a weekly video analysis and breakdown, monthly member scan sessions, and complete access to the scanner bundle… you will ALWAYS have a trade idea at your fingertips!

Gain access to real-time alerts via SMS text, private telegram access and white-glove email support.

Your access includes:

  • Stock & Commodity Picks, Scanner Bundle, & VIP Membership (Annual Access)

  • Real time trade ideas (SMS text + Telegram)

  • Weekly ‘Seasonal Spotlight’ Picks (+80-100% success rate)

  • Full video analysis and breakdown of each setup

  • Live Monthly Member Scan Sessions

  • Plus smartMarket Scanner Bundle (stocks, futures, currencies)

  • 1000+ tradable symbols

  • Neural network scanner using AI technology

  • Built in custom alerts

  • Up to 100% Historical Accuracy and more!


You’ll also be first to know about our upcoming events and webinars

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You’ll also be first to know about our upcoming events and webinars

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